IAF fighter jets force land a plane trespassing from Pakistan air space: WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 7:08 pm | One-minute read |

Fighter jets of the Indian Air Force today (IAF) forced a cargo plane to crash land at Jaipur airport.  The heavy cargo plane Antonov AN-12 had entered the Indian air space from the Pakistani side. It was then intercepted by IAF jets which forced it to land at the Jaipur air base at around 4:55 pm.

The plane had made an unauthorized entry. Authorities are questioning the crew. The cargo contents are also being checked.

ANI reported the plane had entered Indian air space in the Rann of Kutch, which is closed for civilian air traffic.

Sources say it is a Georgian cargo plane which had deviated from its scheduled flight path. The air force bases detected the plane on their radars. Two SU-30MKI fighter jets were soon scrambled which forced the cargo plane to force land.

It is learnt that the plane had got airborne from Karachi to Delhi.

Security agencies are trying to ascertain if the cargo plane deliberately diverted its path or mistakenly deviated.



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