One-year-old crawls to safety after falling from jeep |WATCH VIDEO

Courtesy --The News Minute.

The Hush Post| 4:00 pm |one-miute-read|

A one-year toddler fell off a moving vehicle in Idukki, Kerala and escaped by crawling to a ticket counter several metres away. The incident took place on Sunday. Parents of the baby were fast asleep during their trip from Palani, Tamil Nadu, and did not realise the mishap until they were another 45 kilometres away.

Fortunately, the forest department was put on alert and the baby was saved. The child was first taken to a hospital for first aid, before the worried parents came back for the child.

The officials first thought the baby was an abandoned one but on watching the CCTV footage from close, they saw her fall from the jeep. It is believed that at 9.42 pm, the baby fell off from her sleeping mother’s lap as the jeep made a turn.

An employee at the checkpost saw something crawling, and went nearby to check. It was then that the employee saw the baby and immediately alerted officials in the Forest Department including the Munnar Wildlife Warden.

CCTV footage from the Rajamala checkpost inside a reserve forest in Idukki district, where the incident happened, shows the baby crawling over to a metal railing. According to The News Minute, the video shows the baby crawling, then pausing to take rest, before resuming her crawl. She tries to climb over the railing, but is unable to manoeuvre over it. She then crawls around the railing – perhaps towards the light in the checkpost. It takes her nearly 20 minutes to reach the middle of the road.

“It was around 10 pm when the baby crawled over to the ticket counter at Rajamala checkpost in Munnar,” says R Lekshmi, Munnar Wildlife Warden. “When I went over, there were minor injuries on her head and forehead and blood on her nose. We called the police and the baby was taken to the general hospital for first aid,” she adds. “She also had a chain and bangles on her. The baby must have crawled to the ticket counter, seeing the light,” Lekshmi adds.

The worried parents started crying on the road, which is when a police patrolling vehicle was passing by. When the police inquired, they were informed about the missing baby. By then, the Kambilikandam police station had got a message about the child recovered in Rajamala.


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