In a first, dad breastfeeds his baby when the mother was away

Man breastfeeding

The Hush Post| 9:14 pm |one-minute-read|

On International Men’s Day, here is something strange but quite unlike a father would do.

We chanced upon a video on Twitter that will make you smile. The eight-second clip features a man breastfeeding his daughter. Yes, that’s true. One can read that line again but you got that right.

The story behind the video is equally sweet. The infant’s mother wasn’t around and the baby was really hungry.

It was difficult for her father to console her since she wasn’t willing to drink milk from a bottle. So, what could he do? Simple! He slid the milk bottle under his pullover and you need to watch the video to see what happened next.

Her mama gone and she wouldn’t take the bottle, so I had to trick her. This is so funny, I’m crying,” an excerpt from the caption of the video reads.


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