Indian men hate using condoms | Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi, HP top the list among highest condom-users

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India’s burgeoning population is partially a by-product of another big problem which the Indian men don’t think is big — the dislike for like condoms.

According to a report which appeared in India Today, 94.4 per cent of the men don’t use condoms.

Indian men fully understand that condoms are important for them, their family and most importantly the country. But they still do not use them.

According to that National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4 97.9 per cent men who are sexually active know the importance of condoms, while overall 94 per cent men in India are aware of condom use.

But Indian men are simply self-centered according to India Today report. It further states, “Their selfishness is steeped in patriarchy and dominance. They know a condom is important, may even value the knowledge. But to put the knowledge into practice…nyeah…Indian men are indifferent to it. Too much of an effort for them, you see.”

This national distaste for condoms is despite markets being flooded with strawberry, litchi, banana, peach, chocolate, pan, aam panna, kaccha aam, dotted, extra-dotted, feather light, ultra-thin, lubricated, super lubricated and tens of other varieties and designs prepared by brands these days to make condoms appealing.

Last month, the United Nations in a report projected that by 2027, India will surpass China to become the world’s most populous country.

The latest reports on the state of health in India — National Health Profile 2018 and the National Family Health Survey (2015-16) — show that nearly 95 per cent married couples (in the age group 15-49 years, when fertility is at its peak) do not use condoms.

The prevalence of condom use is lowest in Andhra Pradesh where only 0.2 per cent men use condoms as a family-planning measure. This is followed by states like Telangana (0.5 per cent), Tamil Nadu (0.8 per cent), Bihar (1 per cent) and Karnataka (1.3 per cent).

The reluctance towards using condom among Indian men can also be understood from the fact that even in the state/Union Territory with the highest prevalence (Chandigarh), nearly 73 per cent men don’t use condoms. By the way, some consolation for the north Indians is that highest use of condoms is done in the north Indian states of Chandigarh — 27 per cent, Punjab 18 per cent, Himachal 12 per cent and Delhi 19 per cent which too is low but better than all other parts of the country.


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