India-Chinese soldiers face-off in Naku La, North Sikkim

India-China skirmishes

The Hush Post| 19:41 pm|one-minute-read|

Indian and Chinese army personnel had a heated confrontation and exchanged bodily blows in North Sikkim. The Indian Army sources on Sunday confirmed that a confrontation took place between the soldiers of two armies in North Sikkim a few days ago.

A number of soldiers on the two sides sustained injuries as they exchanged punches, PTI quoted official sources as saying.

It added, the troops disengaged after a dialogue later. “Troops resolve such issues mutually as per established protocols. Such an incident occurred after a long time,” said a source.

It is learnt that a total of 150 soldiers were involved in the face-off that reportedly took place a few days back.

Earlier in the day, reports claimed that clashes erupted between Indian and Chinese forces in Naku La sector of north Sikkim.

The area has no road connectivity and is maintained by vigil through chopper sorties.

The sources said temporary face-offs occur due to varying perception of the border by both sides.

Naku La sector is located ahead of Muguthang and the area in the region was traditionally not prone to clashes between the soldiers from the two countries.


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