‘Soldiers should serve at front, not at ex-officer’s houses’

No more Sahayaks to retired Army personnel

Gen Rawat wants force to be battle-ready, takes assistants off former generals’ disposal

THE HUSH POST: Keeping up with his efforts to reform the Army’s policies, General Bipin Singh Rawat has ordered that the retired generals will not get any assistants or sahayaks, said a news report quoting sources in know of the matter. He has also directed that no soldier would be allowed to stay in coveted locations or big cities for a period more than their tenure, the report added.

These directives have been reportedly issued to keep the Army ready for the war at any given situation. Sources have been quoted as saying that the Army chief believes that soldiers are supposed to serve at the front and not at homes of retired officers.

This, however, seems to have stirred the hornet’s nest with sources in defence ministry claiming that ex-officers are going to take up the issue with the Defence Minister. Meanwhile, the defence forces have made it
clear that the commanding officers would be held responsible if soldiers of their units are found helping the retired generals.

According to a news report, Gen Rawat has even transferred his drivers after completion of their tenure to other stations. A new team of drivers have been deployed at his service, including one from Nagaland.
This replacement is not limited to soldiers, but will go up to the top brass. Sources have been recorded as saying that this is necessary, especially in the wake of surgical strikes and Doklam stand-off that have jolted the army from its slumber.

The force is trying to be war-ready and has asked the key units to prepare a report the condition and functionality of their ammunition and gadgets. According to information, Indian forces need 10 days of ammunition inventory fight with Pakistan, but 30 days in case of China.


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