Indian officer deplaned at London airport when 3-yr-old child wouldn’t stop crying

Indian officer deplaned from British Airways flight

The crew member came again & shouted at the child. The child got scared further and continued sobbing inconsolably

The Hush Post: An Indian family on board Britsh Airways was allegedly humiliated and racial discrimination when they were off-loaded from the flight. The reason was their 3-yr-old child would not stop crying.

The joint-secretary level officer of the Indian Engineering Services was travelling on the British Airways London-Berlin flight.

The plane was made to return to the terminal and the Indian family, along with members of another Indian family who were seated behind them and helped the child with biscuits to calm him down, were asked to deplane.

The officer has complained to Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, alleging “humiliation and racial behaviour” by the airlines. In the letter written to the minister, the officer wrote: “After security announcement for seat belt, my wife mounted the seat belt to my son seated on a separate seat. My son felt uncomfortable and started crying. My wife managed to comfort him by taking the child in her arms, a male crew member approached us and started shouting and scolding my son… My wife put our son back on his seat, still he continued to cry”.

In the meanwhile, the aircraft started taxiing to the runway. The crew member came again and shouted at the child. The child got scared further and continued sobbing inconsolably.  The aircraft was made to return to the terminal where the crew member asked security personnel to take away their boarding passes, the letter said.

Meanwhile, a British Airways spokesperson said, “We have started a full investigation and are in direct contact with the customer.”


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