Indian soldier slips in Gulmarg and reaches Pakistan |Details inside

Rajendra Negi

The Hush Post| 9:30 am|one-minute-read|

An Indian Army soldier accidentally slipped in the snow and reached Pakistan. Havildar Rajendra Singh Negi’s family is in tears ever since they came to know about the news. This, after he allegedly slipped in the snow at Gulmarg during duty and reached Pakistan.

Negi’s unit is posted in Gulmarg atop a hill. He slipped from there and reached the valley on the other side in Pakistan.

On January 8, Negi’s wife Rajeshwari received a phone call from his unit. His family was told that Negi is missing. It was later found that he had slipped in the snow. It has now come to know that he has reached across the border in Pakistan.

The aggrieved family has demanded the government for his safe and early return from Pakistan to his homeland.

According to Army sources, the search and rescue operation of Negi are underway. All attempts are on to bring him back safely from Pakistan.

Negi is a resident of Ambiwala Sainik Colony in Dehradun. He had joined the 11 Garhwal Rifles regiment in 2002. Last he came to Dehradun in October for a month’s vacation. He was posted in the snowy area of Gulmarg in November.

Gulmarg is a border town in North Kashmir and receives heavy snowfall.


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