The Hush Post: An Indian astrologer has been giving sleepless nights to some Pakistan  lawmakers after a terror attack last Friday in Peshawar. They seem to be perturbed by tweets from an Indian ‘astrologer’ called Anirudh Kumar Mishra – whose Twitter handle is @Anirudh_Astro who in October tweeted ‘Terrorist attacks may happen in Pakistan within [email protected]_com’, tagging Pakistani newspaper Dawn on this tweet.On December 1, terrorists disguised in ‘burqas’ attacked an agriculture training institute in Peshawar, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30.
A national daily in Pakistan,The Express Tribune, carried a news report on December 5 which reads ‘Senators call for probing Indian national’s tweet about terror attack’.

After this attack, Mishra tweeted saying that his prediction was accurate and acknowledged that he was off by one day. He tweeted further… Next prediction is Pakistan will go through 5 major terrorist attacks till mid February.

To reactions on his Pakistan predictions , he tweeted  … Why so much panic on an astrologer in Pakistan? I have predicted about earthquake, elections and sports too. If I was from any agency why I would have alerted you? My prediction of terrorist attack on USA came true as well.

A panel of senators in Pakistan asked the country’s interior ministry how “an Indian national” could have made such a prediction that was by and large accurate.
A Pakistani senator, A Rehman Malik, accused India of instigating acts of terrorism in Pakistan. India’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), he alleged, was using Afghanistan’s soil to plan terror acts.Calling himself a vedic astrologer. Anirudh Kumar Mishra’s tag line on twitter reads ‘I speak what I see, I predict what I read .Tweets are my Prediction’. His  other famous tweets on other countries include ‘|China will cool down on Doklam after 29th of August , by bilateral talk because of transit of Mars. #[email protected]@astrologyzone .

In some good news for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one of his tweets on Gujarat elections reads#GujaratFinalPoll I predict once again that BJP will get between 127 – 134 seats no matter what the polls say.

Another of his interesting tweets for Pakistan and a warning for India reads ‘Pakistan should look over Hafeez Saeed’s security as he is in entering in Shani Mangal effect in 2018 and may get involved in a bomb blast’.

A big warning on the global front, he tweets ‘Biggest incident of 2018 will be the leakage in a nuclear reactor due to technical fault. This will prove to be a historical event which will teach humanity a [email protected]

Another of his tweets on December 2 reads :  A major incident is expected in North Korea anytime within January. It will happen due to their own fault as new star formation suggests. (No involvement of foreign powers).

On the raging Padmavati row, he tweets ‘Due to negative effect of mercury, Sanjay Leela Bhansali wont be able to release #Padmavati till March’.

For the Congress party, he has this to say ‘Sonia Gandhi may have some health issues this December, She should take [email protected]@OfficeOfRG’

Replying to Umer Asghar Chambal on his first prediction, he writes, ‘My first major prediction on 18 April 2011 on Facebook was that a famous shoot out will happen in the next 17 days. And Osama Bin Laden was shot on May 2nd 2011’.


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