Eight-month-old raped by 28-yr-old cousin in Delhi, victim serious

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Mehak Jonjua, The Hush Post: An eight-month-old infant was allegedly raped by her 28-year-old cousin in Delhi’s Shakurbasti area on Sunday. The infant has been admitted to an ICU and is stated to be critical. The crime took place when the girl’s parents, both working, left the child in the custody of the elder brother’s family of the father. The eight-month-old infant was raped by her cousin Suraj, who took her to the adjacent building on the pretext of playing with her. “When the child’s mother came home, she saw blood on the bed and on the infant’s clothes,” the victim’s father said.

On enquiry, the accused’s mother, who herself was unaware of the incident, said the girl had urinated. When the victim was taken to a doctor, they were informed the girl had been raped and that they should inform the police. The girl was then admitted to a hospital under serious condition. The doctors at the Kalawati Saran Hospital later performed a three-hour-long operation on the girl. In the meanwhile, the police also arrested the accused.

Sharing information about the crime, a senior Delhi Poice official said, “Accused Suraj, who is a cousin of the child, took her to the other part of the building for playing with her and sexually assaulted her. When her mother, who works as a maid in the area, returned home, she found her daughter unconsciously lying in a pool of blood. She informed her husband. They took her to a hospital and informed the police,” he said.

During the investigation, Suraj turned out to be the prime suspect. After he was grilled, he fled home. This confirmed the suspicion of his involvement. He was later traced and arrested. “Now, Suraj has confessed to his crime. A case has been registered against Suraj under the provisions of POSCO,” the officer said.


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