Infant’s murder accused Punjabi man found dead in California

The Hush Post | 17:18 | One-minute read

An Indian-origin Punjabi man was found dead in his house in California. The body of 47-year-old Jagbir Singh has been found inside his Bakersfield’s house.

Earlier, an infant’s body was found in the same house of 5200 block of Shining Crag Avenue last week.

The Bakersfield police had found the newborn’s remains by digging up backyard’s flower bed on February 26.

According to the local police, Jagbir Singh and his wife Beant Kaur Dhillon were charged with infant’s murder. The local police said that Beant Kaur Dhillon had killed the newborn that her 15-year-old daughter gave birth to.

It was learnt that the newborn baby was killed to prevent family shame. The baby was drowned and his death was a homicide.

While Beant Kaur Dhillon was still in custody, co-accused of the infant’s murder, Jagbir was out on bail.

The local police is investigating into Jagbir’s death in a direction of a possible suicide case.



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