“Invest in Onions,” responds twitter to woman who wanted tips on how to save money

Invest in Onions

The Hush Post| 10:48 am|one-minute-read| Well, saving money is an art. No one knows this better than an Indian. But a twitter users said while responding to a query invest in onions. That too could help.

A woman named Preha, with Twitter handle patheticdotcom, was probably facing such a problem. She thought to seek help from the twiterrati.

She posted a tweet on December 8 and asked for tips to save money. Her tweet read, “Can someone please teach me how to save money i’ll pay you.”

Netizens instantly struck a chord and responded. Some suggested genuine ways to save money on the Twitter thread, others made it hilarious.

“Invest in mutual funds, let that money grow,” advised one user. “Transfer all your money into my account ..I LL do the savings for you,” wrote another one.

A clueless netizen responded, “Pls share it once you get to know the process!”

But the best of ’em all came from an Indian user, who took a dig at the sky-high price of onions, and wrote, “Invest in onions.”

The other day Cyrus Broacha made it hilarious in his show The week that wasn’t. Where he said make “an FD of onions”or cut them into “ringed onions” and wear them instead of gold ring on your finger.


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