Kashmiri girl commits suicide after being repeatedly raped by father

The Hush Post | 14:50 | One-minute read

A girl committed suicide after being repeatedly raped by her father in Kashmir’s Bandipora district. According to local police, the accused father had been raping her for years.

“The deceased girl, who was unable to reveal her plight in the fear of getting killed, consumed poison on Saturday. She was rushed to a hospital where she succumbed,” the police said.

The victim’s sister told the police that their father was so inhuman that when he got to know about his brother, who used to rape his daughter, instead taking any action, he too started raping her.

The deceased girl’s sister also revealed that their father had attempted to rape her too and when she told their grandfather about the shameful acts, he too told her to remain silent as it would be a humiliation for the family.

Meanwhile, the police have registered an FIR and arrested the accused father. The dead body of the girl also has been taken into custody for medico-legal formalities.

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