Lashkar terrorists wanted to sexually abuse Atif’s sister, they couldn’t so they kidnapped Atif and later killed him despite pleas from villagers

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A 12-year-old boy was held hostage and then killed mercilessly in Jammu & Kashmir on Friday. Two Lashker-e-Toiba terrorists had taken Atif Mir captive on gun point after they barged into his house in North Kashmir’s Hajin area.

Appealing them to release the child, a village elder pleaded, “This is not “jihad” (armed crusade) but “jahalat” (benighted).” The video of the village elder pleading to the Pakistani terrorists has gone viral on social media.

“Do whatever you want, but this is not Jihad but Jahalat. Please release the boy,” he said in Kashmiri.

The LeT militants- Ali alias Furkan and Hubaib- wanted to sexually abuse Atif Mir’s sister but the family had helped her escape. Infuriated, the two militants started beating up the family members, including Atif and his old uncle Hameed Mir.

On hearing the cries, the locals informed the police who immediately rushed to spot. The police rescued the family members but the holed up militants suddenly opened fire on them.

Hameed’s uncle Aqeqa Begum also made an appeal asking the terrorists to release her husband and nephew. Police rescued Hameed but Atif still remained in militants’ custody.

As pressure mounted on the terrorists, they killed the helpless Atif. The security forces later mounted a heightened operation and killed both the Pakistanis.

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