Man sends brother as proxy to marry his bride, bride’s relatives hold marriage party hostage in Jharkhand

The Hush Post | 14:45 | Two-minute Read

In Jharkhand a third time bridegroom’s wedding turned into a high drama when his two existing wives objected to the on the cards wedding. Karim, the groom was on his way for his third marriage and was about to set out with the baaraat, when the police reached the spot and detained him.

Karim then sent his younger brother Rahim as his replacement to marry the bride. But when Rahim reached for the wedding, the bride’s relatives became furious seeing their original choice had been replaced. Hence they held the bridegroom’s party hostage.

The bride’s relatives demanded their wedding expenses which amounted to almost Rs. 2 lakh. The bride’s family was not interested in the substitute.

The police of Kiriburu area said, “We had brought Karim to the police station after his two wives objected to his third wedding. We told him about the legal consequences of his actions and eventually he agreed to stay with the two existing wives. We released him afterwards.”

The police also said that Karim was under pressure from his mother to have a third wedding.

The first wife of Karim hails from Noamandi, and the second one is from a tribal community of Kumirta village. The two wives have stated that they have no problem and are ready to live altogether if the husband drops the third wedding plan.


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