BJP worker washes party MP’s feet, drinks the dirty water; MP says,”I’ll do the same for him one day”


The Hush Post: A BJP worker drinking the dirty water after washing the feet of a BJP MP from Jharkhand has drawn flak. A video showing the same went viral, though after the uproar, the video was removed.

The BJP legislator Nishikant Dubey whose feet were washed defended himself. He said those trolling him have not understood the love supporters have for him, according to an NDTV report.

“Some day I will get the opportunity of washing Pawan’s feet,” Dubey retorted in a post on social media. He also said that it was for supporters like him, he has been in public life. The incident took place on Sunday at a campaign rally at Godda in Jharkhand.

After Dubey finished his speech, the BJP worker, Pawan, brought a brass thali and a lota (a container) and sat near his feet. The BJP worker washed Dubey’s feet, wiped them with a cloth and drank the water. As he did this, supporters cheered “Pawan bhai zindabad“.

It is a common custom to honour guests in Jharkhand like this, said Dubey.

Earlier the BJP lawmaker had courted controversy after saying he will pay for the legal expenses of four men in Jharkhand accused of killing two people on suspicion of cattle theft.

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