Jio Airtel telecom war is like the Brazil-Bangladesh soccer match

Country’s largest telecom company Bharti Airtel has posted 76.5 per cent fall in the consolidated net profit at Rs 343 crore for the September quarter. In the same period in 2016, Airtel had posted a net profit of Rs. 1,460 crore. Airtel’s total revenue fell 11.7 per cent to Rs. 21,777 crore during the second quarter of 2017-18 down from Rs. 24,651 crore in the corresponding period in 2016-17.

Who is the best of them all

The tariff war started by Reliance and taken by the competition has meant that consumers are finally spoilt for choices. To take away the chaos of information here is a comparative data if you are looking to switch networks.

Postpaid Plans From Rs 300 to Rs 400

Airtel Rs 399 plan

Airtel’s Rs 399 postpaid plan offers unlimited local and STD calls and 10GB data per bill. Outgoing roaming calls are charged at 80p/minute for local roaming and Rs 1.15/minute for STD. Airtel postpaid plans offers data rollover which means unused data is added to the next month’s bill cycle and users can accumulate a maximum of 200GB data.

Jio Rs 309 Plan

Reliance Jio’s plan starts at Rs 309. This offers free unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. Subscribers also get 30GB of 4G data with the plan, limited to 1GB per day. Also included are 100 free text messages per day and unlimited access to Jio apps. So Jio offers better calling and data benefits compared to Airtel, but post the 1GB per day limitation,4G speeds on the plan will be downgraded to 64Kbps. Users have to pay a security deposit of Rs 400 to subscribe to the plan.

Idea Rs 349 Plan

Idea postpaid plan starts at Rs 349 with unlimited calling but outgoing roaming calls are chargeable. This plan offers a 1GB data per month. However, Idea is running a promotion and will give users 4GB of bonus data per month for 12 months. So the total data users can expect from Idea’s Rs 349 postpaid plan is 5GB per month.

Postpaid Plans From Rs 400 to Rs 500 

Airtel Rs 499 Plan

At Rs 499 per bill, Airtel offers unlimited calling, except for outgoing roaming calls. Users are further entitled to 20GB of 3G/4G data for the billing cycle. Again, unused data can be rolled over to the next month.

Jio Rs 409 Plan

At Rs 409, Jio postpaid users get unlimited calling, including STD and roaming, 20GB data for the bill, free 100 text messages per day, and access to Jio apps. Users will have to pay a security deposit of Rs 500 to subscribe to the plan.

Idea Rs 499 Plan

At Rs 499, Idea offers unlimited calling, including STD calls and free incoming roaming. Outgoing roaming is chargeable. You also get 100 free text messages per day and 5GB 3G/4G data per billing cycle. As part of a promotional offer, Idea will give subscribers extra 1GB of data per day for 12 months with this plan.

Vodafone Rs 499 Plan

Vodafone’s Red Rs 499 unlimited plan offers unlimited calling, except for outgoing roaming calls. The plan comes with 5GB data per bill, and as an invitation gift for plan activation, Vodafone is offering subscribers 10GB additional data per month for a period six months. Subscribers will also get 100 free texts with the plan.

Postpaid Plans From Rs 500 to Rs 600 

Jio Rs 509 Plan

At Rs 509, Jio postpaid subscribers can get unlimited calling, including outgoing calls on roaming. There’s 60GB of 4G data on offer with a limit of 2GB per day, 100 text messages and access to Jio apps. Users will have to pay a deposit of Rs 600 to subscribe to the plan.

Postpaid Plans From Rs 600 to Rs 700 

Airtel Rs 649 Plan

Airtel’s Rs 649 plan offers unlimited calling, including outgoing roaming and STD calls. Users get 30GB of data per billing cycle, if unused it gets accumulated to the next month.

Idea Rs 649 Plan

Idea offers a Rs 649 plan. Apart from unlimited calls, including free outgoing roaming calls, the plan offers 8GB of 3G/4G data per billing cycle, along with free 100 text messages. There’s also 1GB of daily bonus data which takes the total amount of data on offer to 38GB.

Vodafone Rs 699 Plan

At Rs 699, Vodafone is giving subscribers unlimited calling, including free incoming and outgoing calls on roaming. Data is capped to 8GB per bill, with an additional 10GB bonus data each month for six months as an invitation.100 text messages come free with it.

Postpaid Plans From Rs 700 to Rs 800 

Airtel Rs 799 Plan

For a rental of Rs 799 per month, Airtel offers unlimited calling (national, STD and roaming) with 40GB of 3G/4G data which can be rolled over.

Jio Rs 799 Plan

For Jio’s Rs 799 plan you need a security deposit of Rs 950. The plan offers unlimited calling to any network, 90GB of data per month with a cap of 3GB data per day. 100 texts per day are free with the plan and users also have access to Jio apps. 

Postpaid Plans From Rs 800 to Rs 1,000

 Airtel Rs 999 Plan

All calls, (national, roaming and STD) are free on Airtel’s Rs 999 postpaid plan. There’s also 50GB of data on offer with Airtel’s roll-over scheme.

Jio Rs 999 Plan

The most expensive plan in Jio’s postpaid category is the Rs 999 plan. This gives subscribers the benefit of free calling, 60GB of data with no daily limits, 100 text messages and unlimited access to Jio apps. Users will have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1,150 to opt for the plan.

Vodafone Rs 999 Plan

At Rs 999, Vodafone’s Red Unlimited plan offers 15GB of data per month with an extra 10GB/month for six months. All calls are free, along with 100 text messages.