Journey to the divine and a getaway

Ludhiana, Aanchal Malhotra: Away from the clutter and chaos of city life, away from the mayhem of urban dwellings your perfect getaway clubbed with serenity, seclusion and divinity awaits you at the periphery of Ludhiana city “The Flahi Sahab gurudwara”

A lesser-known and ventured spot it is located on Malerkotla Road, few minutes ahead of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana. Here, you can experience a complete harmony with nature along with the divine aura of this place. The ghat built just outside the Gurudwara along the Gill canal provides a perfect escape and relaxation to one’s mind and soul.

Talking about the historical importance of this Gurudwara, it is known that after leaving the Kila Anandpur Sahib and getting separated from his family, Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji, 10th Guru of Sikhs, moved from Ropar to Chamkaur Sahib (where Mughals , Lashkars were defeated by just a few Sikhs) From there on Guru Gobind Singh Ji went through various villages including Jarh sahib, Macchiwarha , Lalla, Rampur, Kanech and Alamgir. During this journey, he took shelter under Flahi tree overnight from which this sacred place gained its name.

The trunk of the original Flahi tree below which the 10th Sikh Guru sheltered for the night is still preserved at this place in its original form. Several miraculous incidents have also been reported to have happened at this place. It is also said that if you pray for something with a true devotion you will be surely blessed with it. During the digging of a nearby cliff, ancient weapons too were found, which are can still be seen at this historic Gurudwara.

Every year on 17th or 18th in the month of ‘poh’, a huge number of people gather in ‘diwaan’ And every Sunday people gather around and recite the name of God in large numbers. So next time you want some peace of mind this place could be on your checklist to gain some rejuvenation and revitalization and to break away from your monotonous everyday routine.