Judge offers rape victim Rs. 1 crore compensation in exchange for reducing sentence of convict

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In a strange move, a US court offered a rape victim 1 crore Rupees in exchange for reducing the sentence of the man who raped her. The 31-year-old woman however refused to accept the judge’s offer. She was 15 when she was raped.

The incident has been reported from Louisiana. State District Judge Bruce Bennett had just sentenced Sedrick Hills, 44, to 12 years in prison when he made the offer.  He asked the victim if she would accept $150,000 (1.07 crore Rupees) from the man in exchange for reducing his 12-year sentence.

Judge Bennett’s question took everyone present in the court by surprise. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said his office did not seek the compensation arrangement.

“This was an unusual gesture. I don’t know why he said what he said,” Moore said. “My guess is, knowing the judge, maybe he was trying to assist the lady in some type of way, but I cannot speak for him. The lady wanted time.”

Hills was convicted last year of raping the woman in 2003. She had pleaded in the court that Hills took at least 16 years of her life, asking the judge to take the same from him.

Turning down the offer, the rape survivor told the court that she doesn’t want any amount of money from her attacker.


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