KADAKNATH to help Gujarat government deal with malnutrition

The Hush Post | 8:04 pm | One-minute read |

The Gujarat government has taken an innovated approach to deal with malnutrition in the state. The state government is providing malnourished children with one rooster and 10 hens so they can eat eggs.

The state government will give fowls of the Kadaknath variety to the children. Kadaknath, also called Kali Masi, is an Indian breed of chicken black in colour.

A Kadaknath hen has a life span of 6-8 months. These lay eggs at an interval of 2-3 days providing about 15-20 eggs per month. During winters these hens devour their own eggs and need to be kept under a watch.

According the KL Gosain of the Dahod veterinary department, 5 tehsils are under a pilot project. Authorities have selected 33 malnourished children from each sub-division for the project. The department plans to extend the scheme to whole of the state if results are positive.

Dahod is a tribal dominated district of Gujarat. Majortiy of the inhabitants have turned vegetarian in the district. Given this, implementation of the pilot project could be difficult as many consider eggs to be non-vegetarian.


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