Before jumping, Kalpesh spoke to wife, transferred money to his daughters’ accounts & held a meeting


The Hush Post: Minutes before Kalpesh Yagnik, National Group Editor of Dainik Bhaskar, allegedly jumped off the third floor of his office in Indore, he spoke to his wife.

A few minutes before that he emptied his bank account and transferred all the money to his two daughters accounts.

Around the same time, he went to his office but seemed disturbed about something. He announced that he would leave early. Probably after that, he went upstairs stepped on to the AC compressor which matched with his shoe imprints and took a leap forward.

Had somebody seen him in time, he could have been saved. But it was after quite a while when the damage had been done that Yagnik was found lying.

But what led to all of this:

Saloni Arora apart from blackmailing him had allegedly made a few calls to the in-laws of Yagnik’s daughter, threatening to send the audio clips to them, and even showed up at his workplace as per a report published in The Print.

Earlier he had alleged that journalist Saloni Arora, claimed to be in possession of “some of their conversations and video clips.” She had threatened to implicate him in a case of sexual abuse if her demand, either of giving him Rs five crore or help reinstate her in a job.

Even before that night, at a meeting with the police officer, according to The Print he claimed that if Arora approached police with a case against him, he should be given a fair chance to defend himself.

On the basis of the six-page letter and a complaint filed by Yagnik’s brother, Arora has now been booked for abetment to suicide.

As per Yagnik’s letter, which is part of the evidence, Saloni often called him and threatened to post some of their conversations on the internet.

“She also made a YouTube page named ‘Kalpesh Yagnik Scandal’ and sent him the URL to scare him. When we checked the YouTube URL, it took us to a song, and no other content,” a police officer reportedly said.

Although the exact nature of their equation remains unknown, Yagnik and Arora were more than acquaintances and worked together for over nine years before they fell apart.

Strangley, Yagnik’s family knew all about his equation with Saloni Arora and had stood strong with him.

For six months, Yagnik reportedly discussed the matter with his family every day, trying to find a way out, before he finally reached out to police.


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