Kamal Nath resigns as Madhya Pradesh CM


The Hush Post| 12:13 pm|one-minute-read|

Kamal Nath has resigned as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister.

Kamal Nath was the CM of MP for about 15 months from December 11, 2018 till date.

Now BJP has 107 seats, Congress has 92 seats BSP 2 and SP 1. Apart from it, there are four independents. The effective strength of the assembly now is 205 while the halfway mark is 103 MLAs.

Earlier, Sonia Gandhi had expelled Jyotiraditya Scindia when the Kamal Nath government was reduced to a minority government because of his joining BJP along with 19 other MLAs.

Earlier Congress had 121 MLAs in an assembly of 228. Now, they just have 92 MLAs with them while BJP which has 107.


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