Karnataka poultry farmer buries alive 6000 chickens amidst coronvirus scare: WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 7:52 pm | One-minute read |

The coronavirus horror has gripped the nation. While around 60 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed positive, the disease has taken its toll on the poultry industry. Now, in a shocking incident, a Karnataka poultry farmer buried thousands of chickens alive to avoid spread of coronvirus.

Najeer Ahmed Makandar in Belgavi loaded about 6,000 chickens on a truck, dropped them in a ditch and buried them alive. The whole incident was recorded on camera.

Makandar lives in Gokak taluka in Nulsoor. He said that coronavirus had cost him deep losses. The farmer said that earlier his chicken used to sell for Rs 50-70 but now prices have fallen to as low as Rs 5-10 per kilo. This, he said, had cost him about Rs 6 lakh. Makandar said that it was impossible for him to maintain the chicken at such prices.

All sorts of rumours are doing the rounds regarding coronavirus in India. The most rampant is that virus spreads by eating meat. These rumours have badly affected the meat industry and meat prices have dropped drastically. The Karnataka poultry farmer was one of those who gave in to the rumours.


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