Amazon India chief: Don’t take work e-mails after 6 pm; are corporate giants in India listening?

The Hush Inc’s India business head Amit Agarwal might have had a nice suggestion to make to his colleagues and his team, but may be harder to implement. A leaked e-mail memo to his team seems to have suggested — Log off, get a life.

In a memo to his team a few days ago, Agarwal counselled colleagues to stop responding to e-mails or work calls between 6 pm and 8 am in the interest of “work-life harmony.” He also talked about the importance of work discipline and how to draw the line, according to a news report.

The leaked note has set off heated discussions on social network and WhatsApp chat groups in the IT industry, online business and private companies always running against time to rush ahead of rivals.

Agarwal is a senior vice president at the Seattle-based retail behemoth. He is responsible for Amazon’s consumer and seller businesses in India, including operations (launched in May 2013). Earlier, he was responsible for Amazon’s country expansion efforts in Italy and Spain.

Agarwal joined in 1999 and has led several new initiatives in the formative stages of Amazon’s seller, web-services and external payments businesses, and played a crucial role in Amazon’s recent international expansion efforts.

Amit was chosen to be Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos technical advisor at a young age of 33. “Technical advisors” are a chosen few that work side by side with Bezos and are then selected to take on some of the most critical roles at Amazon. Amit Agarwal held this role from 2007 to 2009.

An Amazon representative in India declined to comment on the email, the report said.

With 1.3 billion people in India as its prime market, Amazon has committed some $ 5.5 billion to build up its network here. Recently Amazon lost out to Walmart in a bid to buy Flipkart India’s leading online e-commerce giant.

Bangalore, India’s third-largest city, has a significant portion of the one million workers employed in the outsourcing business who cater to global customers and often work late into the night.

Frentic work schedule leads to insomnia, depression and suicidal tendencies, psychologists and doctors have always maintained.



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