Bengaluru class 9 student hangs himself for not being made class monitor

Dhruvaj commits suicide

The Hush Post: A 14-year-old boy could not take a no for not being elected a class leader/monitor and committed suicide.

The boy is a resident of Ideal Home township in Rajarajeshwarinagar, in Bengaluru.

R Dhruvaj, a class 9 student of Baldwin Co-education Extension High School, RR Nagar was upset for not being made the monitor his mother told the police.

The school, however, denied elections had anything to do with this extreme step he took.

The elections took place a month ago. In the race for the leader were four boys including Dhruvaj. He was confident that he will be elected. However, he wasn’t. On June 10, the results were announced and since his name wasn’t there he became more depressed.

Dhruvaj was in UKG when he had seen his father hanging by the noose, who too had committed suicide. The boy locked himself in the room at about 10:30 pm. The mother thought he would be okay in some time. “I went to have my dinner. After some time, I knocked at the door and found no response. I called a neighbour and broke open the door to find my son hanging.”

The boy was immediately taken to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.

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