When Rahul Dravid met his terminally ill fan, a cancer patient; WATCH VIDEO

Rahul Dravid

There are instances of Dravid’s modesty & humility but this one is right at the top. Taking the time out from his schedule, Dravid chatted with his fan — Ashok Dhoke – a terminally ill blood cancer patient

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Today, January 11 is cricket legend Rahul Dravid’s birthday.

Regarded as one of the finest batsmen in the history of cricket, Dravid, who is referred to as The Wall & Mr Dependable has been a class act on and off the field. He began as a hockey player and then graduated to cricket. This, after he lost a key place to former India hockey player Sandeep Somesh at the school level hockey.

As the ever-dependable Mr Dravid turns 46 today, here’s a list of instances that prove the treasure of a man, Rahul Dravid is.

There are many instances of Dravid’s modesty and humility but this one is right there at the top. Taking the time out from his schedule, Dravid chatted with his fan — Ashok Dhoke – a terminally ill blood cancer patient. He spoke to him over Skype, and apologised for not being able to make it in person. Dhoke’s friend narrated the story.

A year back, my friend was seriously ill with Cancer. He was a huge fan of Dravid. So much that whenever he batted he recalled Dravid’s shots and tried to emulate them. One day a couple of us went to see him in hospital.

His condition was critical and chances of recovery were negligible. We used to discuss cricket a lot. Even during his critical condition, when it was extremely difficult for him to utter simple words, he would relish any discussion on cricket. When we were leaving, he expressed a desire to talk to Dravid. We started contacting Dravid from all the possible sources we could.

Though, we did not hope that we will get any reply from Dravid. A few days later, one of us got a call from Veejeta, Dravid’s wife. Dravid had gone through our emails. She was definitely touched by our efforts and expressed Dravid’s desire to have a Skype chat. We were unsure if Dravid could make it because of his busy schedule.

But he did. Dravid talked with my friend in the hospital for almost an hour. He apologized for not able to come in person. The smile on my friend’s face was precious. He was beaming with happiness.

On yet another occasion, on India’s 68th Republic Day, Bangalore University wanted to confer an honorary doctorate on Dravid. However, he turned it down quite humbly.

Dravid’s photograph where stood in a queue at a science fair had gone viral last year on social media and Twitterati praised the former India great. Along with the photograph, the user wrote:

That’s Rahul Dravid in a queue with his kids at a science exibhition. No show off; no page 3 attitude; no celebrity airs; no “do you know who I am?” looks; Queueing just like any other normal parent… really admirable… 

And through an email, Dravid helped none other than Kevin Pietersen correct a flaw in his batting. Here is the email, where Dravid tells Pietersen, to look and anticipate where the ball will pitch rather than fore-commit the shot.rahul dravidrahul dravid

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