First time in India: Woman gives birth to healthy twins after successfully getting cancer-gene removed

First time in India: Woman gives birth to health twins after successfully getting cancer-gene removed
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The Hush Post: For the first time in the medical history of the country, a Bengaluru-based woman who was earlier carrying cancer-genes has now given birth to healthy twins. The woman was carrying cancer-causing mutation genes and had gone a successful treatment to get those genes removed.

The genetic testing of the embryos was done by Mumbai-based IVF specialist Dr Firuza Parikh as the family of a 37-year-old woman Swayam Prabha has a history of cancer, before implanting them in her womb. It proved to be very successful. And now she has given birth to a healthy twin, a report said.

About eight years ago Prabha was diagnosed with BRCA1 (BReast CAncer gene) mutation, after some months of her marriage to a Bengaluru-based professional Debashis Panigrahi. Then, Prabha’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by the Tata Memorial Centre, the report said.

The doctors advised her to get a “genetic test done for oncogenes,” since “my mother’s sisters, cousins and an uncle had cancer.”

Prabha was advised for a surgery to get her breasts and ovaries removed. She underwent the tests. Results showed she had a BRCA1 gene, which basically increases the risk of contracting breast/ovarian cancer, it was reported.

The report said that in men, it affects the breast, pancreatic and prostate glands.

The doctors advised a surgery to remove her breasts and ovaries, as was done by Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie five years ago, who was carrying both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, the report said.

Dr Parikh said that surgery not required as mutation may not cause cancer. Prabha took a step back, as she wanted to be a mother and “ensure that my husband’s family has a healthy baby.”

About two years back, Prabha consulted Dr Parikh who recommended her against the surgery. “Jolie had both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. But Swayam only has one mutation and there are chances that she won’t get cancer despite the mutation,” Dr Parikh reportedly said.

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