Gauri Lankesh’s killer confesses he killed her, but regrets it now

Gauri Lankesh

The Hush Post: The special investigation team looking into the murder of Gauri Lankesh has revealed that Parashuram Waghmore, who was picked up from Vijayapura district in Karnataka, has confessed to killing Gauri Lankesh.

Waghmore, 26, claimed he had absolutely no idea who he was killing when he fired four bullets into Gauri’s chest in front of her house in Bengaluru, on September 5 last year.

“I was told in May 2017 I had to kill someone to save my religion. I agreed. I didn’t know who the victim was. Now I feel that I should not have killed the woman,” sources quoted Waghmore reportedly confessing to the SIT.

Waghmore said he was brought to Bengaluru two days before executing the crime. He had been trained to use an airgun in Belagavi to execute the crime.
At least three people were with Waghmore in Bengaluru at different times the day the crime was committed: one was the man who brought him to Bengaluru, the second one took him around to Gauri’s house on three evenings and the third was the one who took him to Gauri’s house on September 4.

“I was first taken to a house. After two hours, a biker took me to show the house of the person I was to kill. The next day, the biker took me to another room in Bengaluru. Another man in the room took me to the RR Nagar house again on a bike and dropped me back. I was again taken to Gauri’s house in the evening, by the same biker who had taken me the previous day. I was told that I had to finish the job that day. But Gauri had returned from work by then and was inside her house,” he allegedly told the SIT.
On September 5, I was given the gun around 4:00 pm by the biker and we went to her house in the evening. We arrived at the right time. Gauri had stopped her car in front of the gate and was opening it from inside when I approached her. I coughed a little to get her attention and she turned towards me. I pumped four bullets into her,” Waghmore allegedly confessed. “We returned to the room and left the city the same night…” he said.

Waghmore said he had no idea who the three men were. “Asking such questions is taboo,” he was quoted as saying.

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