Congress announces support to Janata Dal (S) even as counting on in Karnataka

Congress to support Janata Dal (S)

The Hush Post: While BJP looks well set to inch nearer to 112 seats, the halfway mark in the Karnataka assembly, though it may not reach there alone, Congress has already announced its support to Janata Dal (S).

Congress has clarified that it has no ambition of having its Chief Minister. It would want JD (S) to be at the helm with Congress support — the important point being that the CM will be a Janata Dal (S) man in such a scenario.

At the time of the filing of this report, Congress was ahead in 78 seats, JD(S) in 38. This makes it a total of 116, well past halfway mark. While BJP is ahead in 104 seats and Others in 2 seats, which makes it a total of 108, still four short of halfway mark.

However, the privilege of being invited to form the government would lie with the Governor. In this case, it seems the way the results are expected, BJP would be the largest party and is likely to be invited by the Governor.

Earlier, an aggregate of several exit polls showed that BJP would emerge as a single largest party but well short of a majority mark. The results are almost on the expected lines. The poll pundits had called it a wave-less election in Karnataka.  This election will also set a tone for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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