Man marries friend’s wife as latter fails to repay Rs 500 loan

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The Hush Post: A Karnataka man allegedly married his friend’s wife as latter failed to repay Rs 500 loan.

The incident came to light when a man created a scene outside the deputy commissioner’s office in Belgavi.  He held a dharna demanding his wife back, a report said.

The protesting man complained that one of his friends had abducted his wife and married. The other man married his wife as he could not repay a loan of Rs 500. The man, Basavaraj Konannavar, gave a more bizarre reason for this.

A report in The Times of India said a friend took away Basavaraj Konannavar’s wife. His friend, Ramesh Hukkeri, did so as Konannavar could not repay a loan of Rs 500.

Meanwhile, the sources gave a lot of details Konannavar missed while giving his complaint to the police.

Basavaraj Konannavar and Ramesh Hukkeri became friends while working in a hotel in Shahpur as suppliers. At this hotel, both met Parvati, the woman in question. Parvati was working in the hotel and reportedly became close to both of them, the report said.

But in 2011, Parvati married Basavaraj Konannavar and became the mother of a girl who is 3 now. Parvati was pregnant with her second child when someone allegedly kidnapped her a couple of months back. In another related bizarre development, Ramesh, who is also married, sent his wife to her maternal home to marry Parvati. Ramesh and Parvati then got married and started living as husband and wife, the report said.

After coming to know about this, Basavaraj Konannavar confronted his friend and also his wife. To his utter shock, Parvati refused to return to him. His friend Ramesh then threatened him and told him to stay away from Parvati. After this episode, the police have marked an inquiry to know the real facts of the case, the report said.

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