Slums of Indians thought to be ‘Bangladeshi immigrants’ razed to ground in Bengaluru

bengaluru demolition drive

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Shanties belonging to Indians thought to be Bangladesh immigrants have been razed to the ground. The incident took place in Bengaluru.

This happened days after BJP MLA Arvind Limbavalli tweeted a video of shantytowns in North Bengaluru’s Kariyammana Agrahara area. He said that the settlements belong to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Thousands are homeless. The electricity and water supply to the location have been cut-off.

After the demolition of the shanties, it came to light that the residents were not Bangladeshis. They were mostly migrants from Assam, Tripura, some even from North Karnataka.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), in a letter, stated that the sheds were built illegally by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Earlier, on Januray 11, the Bengaluru police issued a notice to the owner of survey no. 35/2 that said that the sheds were built on the land without proper approval. The cops claimed that the sheds housed illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Notices were sent. The so-called owners were asked to clear the encroachments.

The concerned authorities were instructed to take action against it. Officials are reviewing and taking action. Residents from other areas have settled here, some of them are suspect to be illegal immigrants of Bangladesh. 3/3

On January 18, the BBMP wrote a letter to the police asking for protection during the removal of encroachments in the said land.

Most of them have valid identity cards like adhaar, voter ID, etc

“The demolition happened around 12 noon on Saturday. People in civilian clothes asked us to clear the space. There was also a cop with them. We are not Bangladeshis and have proof that we are Indians. We have come here to work and earn a living,” said Ahadur Rahman, a migrant from Assam.

“No one knows how it happened. I work as a mason here. We can’t find a place to live. We have been asked to move from here,” said Karanna, a native of Koppal in North Karnataka’s Gadag district. He is in Bangalore with his wife and three children aged 10, 7 and 5.

All the residents have valid identity cards. These include the Aadhaar card, pan and voter ID. Besides, those from Assam have also shown their names in the NRC.

“We earn around 12000-15000 rupees doing housekeeping work or as security staff. We have to send some money home too. How can we move to an apartment or a better house where rent is around 20,000 rupees,” asked Kalaram Tripura, another resident.

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