Vijay Mallya to get married again?

The Hush Post: While the Indian Government is fighting tooth and nail to get liquor baron Vijay Mallya back, as per reports the runaway industrialist is soon going to get married once again – this time being the third time.

Vijay Mallya is expected to tie the knot with his live-in partner Pinky Lalwani. Mr Mallya has been with Pinky Lalwani for three years now.

Pinky Lalwani

The 62-year old Vijay Mallya is already living with Pinky Lalwani at his mansion in Hertfordshire, which is an hour and a half from London.

Pinky Lalwani is a former airhostess and has also served at Kingfisher Airlines. Reportedly the affair of the two started when Mallya offered Lalwani a job in his Airlines.

According to reports, the couple recently celebrated their `togetherness’ anniversary. Pinky is always seen with Mallya these days even when he is travelling to London for his court hearings in connection with his extradition case which the Indian Government is fighting. The couple is also frequently photographed together.

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya

This will be Mallya’s third marriage. Vijay Mallya was first married to Sameera Tyabjee, a former Air India air hostess, in 1986-87. Post this, he married Rekha Mallya in 1993. He has three children from these two marriages, son Siddharth and daughters Leanna and Tanya. Rumour also has it that Mr. Mallya still hasn’t divorced his second wife. The third wedding is expected to be a very lavish function.

Neck deep in trouble with the Indian government, Mallya is on the run and fighting charges of unpaid dues and money laundering.

Mallya had fled India in March 2016, just when a group of banks led by State Bank of India decided to take legal action due to unpaid dues to the tune of close to Rs 9000 crore.

In April 2017, the Scotland Yard did arrest him on an extradition warrant, but he managed to get bail soon after and is currently out on bail.


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