WATCH VIRAL VIDEO of child riding a driverless bike as his parents fall off; family has a miraculous escape

Child’s parents had fallen off the bike after hitting with another two-wheeler while trying to overtake it

The Hush Post: A video is going viral on social media as it shows a little child escaping unhurt while riding a driverless two-wheeler for about half a kilometre after his parents fell off the bike after hitting another two-wheeler. The incident occurred on Sunday on a busy highway in Bengaluru and its video is going viral on social media.

The video of this miraculous incident was captured on the dashboard camera of a motorist. This motorist Karthik Gowda uploaded this video footage on social media and in no time it went viral like a wildfire, a report said.

The footage shows the parents of the child falling off their bike after hitting another two-wheeler in order to overtake it. But their motorbike continued travelling for about half an hour and, missing cars and a truck on the busy road before tilting right and stopping after hitting the road median.

While the child had a miraculous escape as he remained unhurt after falling on the grass, his parents got injured in this accident.

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