Woman techie kills mother, brother; doesn’t cry or sleep

amrita chandrashekhar

The Hush Post|2:14 pm|one-minute-read|

A 33-year-old Bengaluru woman techie killed her mother. And after committing the crime she cried nor slept and stabbed her brother too. The incident took place last week. The accused has been identified as Amrita Chandrashekhar.

A counselling session by a psychologist has confirmed insomnia.

She had reportedly confessed that she decided to kill her family as she was unable to repay loans and didn’t want banks to harass them.

When cops went to Port Blair to arrest her and bring her to Bengaluru on February 5, she allegedly banged her head against the wall of the local police station. “It was very difficult to bring her back to the city. She had neither slept nor cried,” said a woman cop.

Amrita, a techie, allegedly murdered her mother, Nirmala, 54, and stabbed her brother, Harish Chandrashekar, 31, at their home in Ramamurthy Nagar early on the morning of February 2 before catching a flight to Port Blair with her male friend, Sridhar.

Police found sleeping pills in her possession. A counselling session by a psychologist confirmed insomnia. The counselling helped Amrita open up a bit about the incident. She felt relaxed and slept for five hours on Thursday night. “She said that she never wanted that the banks should harass her mother and brother so she killed them and thought she would  commit suicide.”
However, later she changed her mind. The police is investigating the matter.

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