Three years after husband’s death, wife holds their new-born in her hands

IVF baby

The Hush Post: Three years after losing husband, a woman held their new-born in her hand. A young marketing consultant Supriya Jain lost her husband in a terrible car accident. Exactly 3 years later, their child was born.

Supriya and Gaurav, both Bengaluru based professionals were not getting any success in having a child through the normal course. Already married for five years, they wanted a baby but weren’t getting closer to seeing it become a reality.

The two of them thought of going for an In-vitro fertilisation IVF. But right after they went for the procedure, Gaurav was involved in an accident in Hubli and he died.

A devastated Supriya started a blog and narrated the turn of events. She said that on the fateful day, he went to his parent quite unusually, spent time with his mom, his nephew and even prayed and the next we heard was that he was involved in a terrible accident involving a truck.

Supriya, whose native place in Jaipur believes in destiny. She did not consult his family or her own family but thought of giving birth to Gaurav’s child. Someone suggested to her the name of Dr Firuza Parikh at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai and went ahead with the idea.

The doctors saved one vial of sperms and were even scared to open it. The doctors collected several eggs even if it meant going in for several cycles. When the IVF did not work, they decided to go in for surrogacy.

On the personal front, Supriya would never be in Bengaluru at the time of her late husband’s death anniversary. She was too afraid to be there on those days.

This time she went to Bali. And that is where she got a call that the child of her and her late husband had born. And back she flew immediately. Supriya held her child in her arms for the first time, at the exact same time she last spoke to Gaurav.

She thinks Gaurav is back. “I hope he looks like his father.”

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