Boy assaulted by girlfriend’s family for recording TikTok videos with her

The Hush Post | 7:30 pm | One-minute read

A 19-year-old boy from Yadgir district of Karnataka was reportedly beaten up by his girlfriend’s family members for allegedly making TikTok videos with her.

A video clip has been recorded by the eye-witnesses which show the boy tied to a tree and being thrashed by the mob. Also, the girl can be seen hitting him with her sandals while the boy’s mother tries to stop the mob.

The boy has been identified as Bugappa who is a resident of Haligera village of Yadgir district. The boy was reportedly taken to the hospital afterward. However, no police case has been registered so far in this case.

Bugappa has reportedly uploaded many videos with the girl on TikTok. The family of the girl saw one of those videos. Until then, they were unaware of her relationship with the boy.

After they saw the video, the girl’s family confronted Bugappa and assaulted him. The girl was also unaware of the fact that he had been recording TikTok videos.

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