Fed up with his wife’s “Puritanism”, man kills her; then hangs himself

man killed woman in front of daughter

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A Karnataka man killed his wife because he was fed up with her “puritanism” and then committed suicide. The incident took place in Mysuru on Tuesday.

40-year-old Shanthamurthy was married to Puttamani 38 for the last 15 years. Their neighbors claimed Shanthamurthy killed Puttamani because she was a staunch follower of puritanism.

“For the last eight years, she used to follow blind beliefs to the core. We were afraid to step inside her house as she would demand we take a bath before entering,” News18 quoted one of the neighbors as saying.

Neighbors said Puttamani allegedly used to bathe her children, aged seven and 12, several times a day. She would even “currency notes” given by her husband, they said.

“She thought the currency notes were defiled and touched by persons belonging to different castes and religions,” explained a relative.

Another neighbor said that Puttamani used to ‘torture in the name of puritanism’. “Even the children fell ill because of repeated baths,” he said, adding, “Puttamani had made it mandatory to take a bath if they go to the toilet, feed cattle or if they touched someone else. This was the reason they used to fight a lot among themselves.”

Shanthamurthy’s patience gave in on Tuesday and after a heated argument he axed Puttamani with a machete. He later headed back home and hanged himself.

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