Karnataka temple deaths: Seer, lover, her husband & priest did it to oust trust

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It took the lives of 15 people to satisfy the ego of a Karnataka seer (kind of priest or fortune teller or sage) to oust a temple trustee and take control of fund management of the temple. Police investigation into the Karnataka temple deaths in which 15 people lost their lives due to a ‘poisoned’ prasad has revealed the background of the tragic incident. A local 52-yr-old seer, his 35-yr-old paramour Ambika, her husband and a priest of a nearby temple were arrested on Wednesday. They have been charged with hatching a conspiracy to kill devotees in a bid to defame the management and take control of the shrine, South Zone IGP K V Sharath Chandra said.
The seer was earlier in control of the temple trust till 2017, but was sidelined later, which infuriated him, the IG said.
At the behest of the seer, his lover Ambika allegedly arranged for a pesticide. Her husband and his friend mixed it in the prasad while it was being prepared, he said.

The conspiracy: Eight days before the incident, the agricultural officer visited Ambika’s house to deliver two 500 ml bottles of insecticide

The evil conspiracy unfolded as the police enquired into the suspicious visit of an agricultural officer to Ambika’s house. Eight days before the poisoning incident, the agricultural officer had visited Ambika’s house to deliver two 500 ml bottles of insecticide. The officer is a relative of Ambika. She told him that she wanted the insecticide for her garden plants.
After the news of the deaths spread, the officer called up Ambika. She confessed to him that she had been a part of the seer’s gameplan and had procured the insecticide at the seer’s behest.

Reason for evil design

“More than who did it, we focused on why they had done it,” the IGP said. The temple where the deaths took place is located on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border. It generates revenue of atleast Rs 12 lakh every year. The temple was recently taken over by locals. The seer wanted to oust the main trustee of the temple seva samiti. The trustee had earlier rejected the seer’s proposal to build a gopuram for Rs 1.5 cr.
While the police interrogated him , the seer said he would feel no remorse if 3-4 people died due to poisoning.

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