Not gold or diamond, cow dung worth Rs 1.25 lakh stolen

The Hush Post | 06:16 pm | Two-minute read

We have heard of many theft cases of valuables like jewellery and money. But a very interesting complaint was filed in Birur district of Karnataka. The district police is investigating a complaint of cow dung theft as the complaint was filed by Department of Animal Husbandry. Being extensively used in agriculture as manure, it has a huge demand among the farmers.

According to the police, the case involves theft of cow dung worth Rs 1.25 Lakh. Around 40 tractors fully loaded with cow dung were stolen. Also, the police has arrested a supervisor of Animal Husbandry department in connection with the case.

Birur CPI Sathyarnaya Swamy informed that senior officials of department of Animal Husbandry approached Yagati police complaining theft of 35 to 40 cow dung loaded tractors. Basur Amritmahal Kaval was the place of theft. They alleged that the stock was shifted from its original location to some private land.

He added that police have filed an FIR against the landlord on whose land cow dung was found. After some investigations, the stock will be handed over to the Animal Husbandry department.

It should be noted that urine and cow dung are used on a large scale as these are considered best fertiliser for many crops.

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