Six-year-old girl forced to beg to look after ailing mother, who is addicted to alcohol

Karnataka girl begs for mother

The Hush Post | 14:50 | One-minute read

“I want my mother to be well. I have no money that is why I have to beg,” said Bhagyashree, a six-year-old girl of Karnataka. The little girl, whose father left her ailing mother to marry another woman, wants her mother to be saved. Her mother is addicted to alcohol and thus has landed in hospital.

Her mother Durgamma is suffering from drinking problem and has been admitted in a hospital. To feed her mother Bhagyashree has taken to begging since last one week.

With innocence in her eyes and hope to see her mother in good health, Bhagyashree has been begging in and around the hospital premises. The family of Koppal district drew the attention of people visiting the hospital.

The people made the hospital administration aware of the condition of the daughter-mother duo, which reached the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), who took up the matter.

And the good news is that the CMO instructed the Women and Child Welfare Department to take care of Durgamma and to ensure they return safely to their native place post-treatment.

The CMO also instructed officials to ensure good education for the child.

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