Live webcam streaming of sexual acts for money on the up in Bengaluru

The modern day webcam streaming was started by Jennifer Ringley, an American student way back in 1996, now it is a multimillion dollar industry

The Hush Post: Couples streaming their sex acts live. Now that’s what is happening in Bengaluru. The live sex streaming is becoming quite popular and people are already contacting couples, who rent out their performances streaming live on web cams.

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As per a report in Times of India the unnamed couple said,”It felt a little weird. In the beginning we traded streams of sex acts on cams only with couples and single women and occasionally men who came across as being decent. Now we perform for cash,” says one of the unnamed persons.

She charges as much as Rs 3,000 per hour from those who want to watch her perform live with a partner.

Most performers, who perform on webcam like to take their payments by using PayTM and other forms of e-wallets. However, in a latest, the KYC (Know Yoyr Customer) has sent cam performers hiding. Though, for cam watchers, there are avenues like the websites which accept credit card payments, etc.

The modern day webcam streaming was started by Jennifer Ringley, an American student way back in 1996. Ringley, who was 19 then, installed a webcam in her college dormitory room and send out live pictures.

The pictures were frank showing her do everything from her reading books to ironing her and even masturbating or in a physical relationship.

She closed her site in 2003, and since has no internet presence. But what she began multiplied into a multimillion dollar industry.

Three years ago, a CNBC report estimated the adult webcam industry earned $1 billion per year. Webcam sites are visited by five per cent of the world’s web users.

Most of the of webcam performers come from Southeast Asia, Latin America but there are thousands of performers coming from Romania and some of the former Soviet Republics and Eastern European companies as well.

As per a survey by SHUT in 2013-14 men and women in Bengaluru between the age group 18-50 there was a steady rise in porn watching.

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