Karwa Chauth | Festival to dress up for the man in your life and dressing down when he errs

sanjay bahl
The writer is Sanjay Bahl, VP Connect, Broadband.

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Today is the annual-life-protection-booster-dosage-giving-day for Indian males. Married
women in most parts of the country are fasting for long life and health of their respective
husband. This ritual is observed once a year when Indian males have been found to be
most romantically inclined to their own wives. I feel that Indian men are the luckiest in
the whole world to have a personal saviour designated as wife.

This is one day when women love getting henna  applied in various designs on their
hands. Last night, I accompanied my wife to the market for the same. It was pretty late in the evening but was still very crowded. It seems most ladies go for henna after finishing dinner for the family. Women — old, young, gym-going, fat-loving in multi-design pyjamas were all over the place. Young girls were busy applying henna on hands and feet of these pyjama-clad ladies who sat in front of them with shirt sleeves and pyjama hems rolled up.

There was a lady who had just got her job done and was waiting for husband to pick her up. When he did not turn up for next few minutes and she started telling strangers about how weird her husband was. He knew that she was done with her henna and still did not reach in time.

She was after all getting ready to fast for his long life and he could not do such a small
effort. Poor man did not realize that his life was in the hand of his wife only. All she had
to do was to drink a glass of water during the day and his life protection shield will be
penetrated. Men have to be extremely careful not to annoy their wife specially on this
day lest there may be a threat looming large on their life. But some people never learn.
Like husband of this pyjama clad lady Gaga, who got a well-deserved dressing down in
full public view when he finally reached 7 mins late, in our WhatsApp family group there are all kind of good wishes from some lovely ladies to other lovely ladies. One of the messages read,”May the sweet clink of your bangles, the lovely sound of your anklets and shining bindi on your forehead remain forever. May you always remain married”.
It set me wondering if we have to wish a similar expression to menfolk, what would it
be. May the spicy scent of your aftershave, impeccable crease on your trousers and the
guiding force that directs you about correct behaviour remain forever. May your life
coach keep prompting you to correct your mistakes. May you always remain married!


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