Three Kashmiris arrested from Attari, were headed to Pakistan for a terror training camp

Attari-Wagah arrest

The Hush Post: Three Kashmiris have been detained from Attari who were on their way to Pakistan to get trained as terrorists.

The three youth have been identified as Sikand, Owais and Irfan aged between 23 and 26 years.

They were going under the pretext of studies but the security agencies who were not convinced about their side of the story interrogated them till they revealed the real purpose of their trip to Pakistan.

The three youth were going to Pakistan to train as terrorists and come back and vitiate the atmosphere in the Valley. The three were arrested by the Border Security Force about three days ago and then detained for interrogation.

They also apprised that a huge sum of money had been promised to them if they joined a terrorist organisation in Pakistan.

Now, they have been handed over to the Jammu and Kashmir police.

Earlier in February, two Pakistan-trained LeT militants from the Valley were arrested soon after they returned to India via the Wagah-Attari border crossing with a valid passports and visas.

Before that in December another three youth were nabbed by the BSF when the SUV in which they were travelling was intercepted by the BSF men.


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