In an effort to help other women entrepreneurs, I landed in trouble, woman entrepreneur Dhanya Nair

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Facing challenges with grace and managing work along with home and hearth is a woman’s forte. One such inspiring woman is Dr Dhanya Nair who is a woman entrepreneur at the age of 45.

Owning Kerala Ayurvedic Center in Ludhiana, Dhanya Nair has been one of those women who did not succumb to adversities.

16 years ago, she came to Ludhiana as an employee at Kerala Ayurvedic Center, which she bought from the owner later.

Dr Dhanya Nair (extreme left) with her mother (centre) .

“If I share one or two incidents with you about what challenges I faced as a woman, it won’t be right because there are several positive incidents as well that maintained a balance in my life,” Dhanya shares, as she talks about her life as a single mother.

She got separated from her husband in 2007. Her daughter, son and her mother along with her business are her pillars of strength and vice-versa.

As a woman, she believes that men are able to handle the business well. But when it comes to handling business along with home, women are better.

Talking about being accepted as a woman entrepreneur, she said, “I did face problems, but they had no choice but to accept me as one amongst them.”

“I try to empower other women as well but in the process, I end up being in trouble myself,” she said sharing one of her experiences.

“Someone asked me to help their daughter who wanted to establish as an entrepreneur. After some time, they started using my firm’s name for unnecessary work, so I had to withdraw support to them,” she says.

“They filed a case against me in the SC/ST commission alleging that I called them using their surname. I don’t even know the exact surnames of Punjab,” she adds.

However, the National Commission and the local police intervened and the case was withdrawn.



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