5 priests of Kerala church go away with mild punishment of transfer after using a woman’s confession to sexually exploit her

Kerala Police’s Crime Branch to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against 5 Malankara Orthodox Church priests
Malankara Orthodox Church in Kottayam of Kerala. -Photo courtesy Kerala Tourism

The first priest had sexually exploited her blackmailing on the basis of her confession, when she subsequently approached four other priests, they also exploited her

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, five priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church that has headquarters in Kottayam of Kerala state have been transferred over allegations of sexually exploiting a woman from the same church, a report said.

The church secretary, Biju Oommen, reportedly said they had received a complaint from the husband of the victim and took immediate action. In his complaint, the woman’s husband alleged that the accused used her confession, which is supposed to be kept confidential, to blackmail her and sexually exploit her, the report said.

“The church has acted in the utmost responsible manner… Today as things stand, the five are suspects. A commission has been appointed to probe the episode. The probe is on and when the report comes, the church will again act on it,” Biju Oommen was quoted as saying.

The victim’s husband has alleged that one of the priests who had first exploited his wife was blackmailing her. When she sought help on this from another priest, he too, threatened her and shared her contact with another fellow priest and in the end she came under duress from at least five priests, the report said.

The report said that the Orthodox Church was shocked as the episode was criticised heavily on the social media which dented the image of the church.

“We are certainly worried about the huge publicity that the incident has generated and we suspect that there are vested interests who are out to malign our Church in the social media,” Biju Oommen was further quoted in the report.

Meanwhile, the victim woman is yet to file a police complaint, the report said.

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