Rahul Gandhi meets Rajjama, the nurse, who held him in her hands when he was born

Rahul Gandhi

The Hush Post| 2:40 pm |one-minute-read|

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day visit to his new Lok Sabha contituency Wayanad. On Sunday, he met Rajamma, a retired nurse who was present at the time of his birth, forty-nine years ago.

Rajamma, 72, who was under training as a nurse at the time, was reportedly among the first to take the infant Rahul in her hands.

“I was lucky as I was first among the few who took the newborn baby in my hands. He was so cute. I was witness to his birth. I was thrilled… we all were thrilled to see the grandson of prime minister Indira Gandhi,” Vavathil was quoted as saying while speaking to a news agency.

Meanwhile on Saturday, while addressing a victory rally in Kalpetta of Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi had attacked PM Modi saying that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses poison of hatred to divide this country and lies to win the election.

Gandhi had won Wayanad seat by a record margin of 4.31 lakh votes. He had defeated  his nearest rival Left Democratic Front (LDF)’s PP Suneer.

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