Hero of Kerala floods Jinesh Jerone saved 100 lives, now dies a miserable death begging for help after accident

Jinesh Jerone

The Hush Post: Kerala couldn’t give back the due to the man who became a hero during the recent floods in the state.

Jinesh Jerone saved many lives during recent floods in the state. Pictures of him swimming back and forth in the floods were common during the moment of crises in the state.Jinesh Jerone

A month later, Jinesh died a miserable death on Sunday. He was riding pillion with a friend. A truck came and hit the two of them and flung Jinesh in the air. He fell on the road profusely bleeding.

And then he started begging people to save his life with folded hands. But no one came forward.

Jinesh’s friend Jagan said, he must have helped more than 100 people during recent floods in Chengannur. But when he needed help no one reciprocated. May be no one recognised this hero like they would a cricketer or a filmstar.

The ambulance reached in about half-an-hour but by then it was too late. When he reached the hospital, doctors had declared him dead.

Jinesh’s mother Selvi recalled that when the church called him for the rescue mission, he didn’t think twice. He and six of his friends swam day and night rescuing people.

Now the corner of his house just has his memories — trophies he had won in cricket matches. He was also a good dancer. And his death comes as a reminder of the callousness people showed on the fateful day, the hero of the recent floods in Kerala.

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