Owner abandons dog for having “illicit relationship” with dog in neighbourhood

The Hush Post | 6:05 pm | One-minute read

A weird incident happened in Thiruvananthapuram where a three-year-old dog was abandoned by its owner. A note tied on dog’s neck reveals that the owner had a problem with the dog’s ‘illicit relationship’ with some other dog in the neighbourhood.

Shameem, a volunteer from an NGO, who saved the dog, reportedly said, “I took her (the dog) home and put her in my kennel. She is really nice, someone would adopt her soon. But there is a really hopeful look on her face, expecting that her owner would come to pick her up.”


The note left with the dog reads, “It is a disciplined dog. Good habits. Doesn’t require a lot of food. It is free from diseases. She’s given bath five times a week and she only barks. She has never bitten anyone in three years. She mostly eats milk, biscuits, and eggs. She is abandoned because she was in an illicit relationship with a neighbourhood dog.”

However, Shameem said, “The dog is in heat. And that’s what dogs do when they are in heat- they mate. If the weird owner didn’t want the dog to breed, there is sterilization. But if they wanted her to be a ‘virgin’, they would have to lock her up in a room.”

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