Nun wrote to Pope against Jalandhar bishop, who didn’t act, now shoots off 4th letter to Vatican

jalandhar bishop

The Hush Post: The 43-year-old nun who has accused a bishop in Jalandhar of sexual assault has written a  letter to Vatican’s India Ambassador. Copies of the seven-page letter dated September 8, 2018, were given to the mediapersons on Tuesday.franco mullakal

“Though the Bishop had sexually abused me several times, I could not reveal the full story to my superior general or to her councillors. I only told them repeatedly that the Bishop is taking many disciplinary actions through them just because I resisted to lie down with him,” said the nun in the letter.

“As they failed to understand seriousness of these words I could not tell them more than this. And I had the fear that Bishop Franco may harm me with the support of my superiors,” she said in her letter to The Apostle Nuncio of India, the Pope’s ambassador.

She alleged that she had written to the Pope in Vatican. She also wrote to his ambassador in India, and other church officials. However, no action was taken. In May 2018, she said, she sent three letters to Rome including Pope Francis. But she didn’t get any reply.

Calling Mullakal a predator, she alleged at least 20 nuns left the congregation due to his sexual advances.

She brought to the notice of the Vatican the deeds of Franco Mulakkal, the Jalandhar bishop. She also alleged that he raped her 13 times in the next two years. The nun at present lives in Kerala’s Kottayam district.

Mulakkal, 54, has rejected the allegations, calling them a conspiracy against the church. An FIR has already been registered and investigations are underway. The bishop has not been arrested so far.


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