Love at 60| When everything got over they married at an old age home

old age couple

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Love at 60 is not new. An old age home witnessed a joyous moment when two of its residents, who fell in love in their 60s, tied the knot in the presence of State Minister VS Shivakumar on Saturday.

Lakshmi Ammal would not have thought of falling in love and marrying a man. The man was working as her husband’s assistant, at the age of 65.

As time passed, she met 67-year-old Kochaniyan Menon again at the government-run old-age home in Trissur’s Ramavarmapuram and the cupid’s arrow struck them.

While Ammal had lost her husband, Kochaniyan, a native of Trissur’s Irinjalakuda, was abandoned by his family, forcing both of them to take shelter in the old-age home.

Soon, the two developed friendship. They shared the woes of life and then love blossomed between them. The two then decided to solemnise their marriage.

The lovebirds shared their intention with other people at the old age home who happily organised a traditional but special ceremony for them.

Henna, sangeet and other traditional rituals were performed by the friends at the old-age home.

When their love story reached Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Shivakumar, he decided to join the celebration. District Collector S Shanavas also attended their wedding ceremony.

Sitting on bridal chairs, Kochaniyan and Ammal kissed each other’s cheeks. Immediately, the sound of claps and laughter filled the old-age home. After the pictures went viral, Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from showering the newly-weds.

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